Villa Residence of Zibadasht

The employer's request was to have a terrace on the first floor and a semi-open space on the ground floor. After designing the base model and placement of functions, we designed the form. We try to achieve a unique idea that was simple, consistent with performance and structure, and beyond any visual complexity.

The concept of form is a continuous surface that moves around spaces created in such a way that the following requirements are achieved:
- Expansion of interior spaces to exterior.
- Determine every space restricted at the same integrity with other space, so that the character of each space stay indivisual and uniqe.

This concrete surface, in addition to solving the functions requested, is completely coordinated with the structure of the building, in such a way that the shear walls necessary for the containment of the earthquake are provided in this. Even the wall on the console was also used as a shear wall, which is unique in its kind.