This project was given to us when the columns was done. This has created a lot of restrictions for us but we try to enhance basic plan that had many problems.

In main Plan connection betwin inside and outside was very weak. we change the place of living room from the heart of project to inside and mutualy move the deck from inside to center of project.

In order to reach the desired qualities, we try to achieve an optimized climate version. For this, the main fasades of the original model were extracted and subdivision. Then we wrote an algorithm definition that determined "how much of the modular spaces would be open and how should be close" to be optimized.

In this method we use Rhinoceros software and Grasshopper plug-in for "Parametric Design" and Ladybug-Honybee plug-in for "Energy and whether data analysis" and Octopus for "Simulation and ptimization".

In this project, we first categorized our users according to the different functions of the project. For each function, we defined a node, according to the neighborhood of context on the project site. Each performance was shaped around a courtyard for adapting to warm and dry climate of region.

Then the most remarkable part of the project, the tower, which had the main function, was designed according to the concept of an "indefinete boundary between the earth and the sky".